Bud Deskmat

Bud Deskmat

The Bud Deskmat is inspired by the theme surrounding our 30% aluminum keyboard the Microdox Bud — following a retro gamer aesthetic. No matter the keyboard laying on top the Bud Deskmat is a great addition to any desk setup. Look down at anytime to check your full health and power bar :)

The Bud Deskmat is 900mm x 400mm x 4mm with printed stitched edges. The top surface is ‘soft mousepad material’ and the bottom is textured grippy rubber ensuring the mat stays in place on your desk. Deskmats are washable with warm soapy water and a cloth.

NOTE: Bug in firefox browser makes the color in the pictures off. If you use firefox please see the pictures in another browser.


  • stitched edges
  • Anti slip bottom


  • 35x16 inches
  • 4mm thick

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