10: Per Pack

Boardsource Purpz are an ultralight low profile (Choc) switch manufactured by Kailh, offering unmatched smoothness, improved acoustics, and an extremely light actuation force compared to other Choc switches. Having only a 25g actuation force means the switch feels quite different than your average mechanical keyboard switch and may take some getting used to; however, ultralight switches have grown in populairty and rightfully so. Ultralight switches offer improved ergonomics and a very unique typing experience.

Many people (us included) consider low profile switches to be more ergonomic to use compared to MX switches. Keyboards that utilize Choc switches naturally have a lower typing height, and the decreased switch travel paired with ulralight actuation means you will have a very fluid typing experience with almost no fatigue. If you haven't tried low profile switches yet, now is the time, or if you enjoy Choc switches already, upgrade your experience with an ultralight linear.


  • Smokey housing (transparent black)


  • 25g actuation force
  • linear

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