The Technik is a beautifully minimal and versatile 40% low profile keyboard with extensive customization options. Engineered with all types of users in mind, the case is compatible with two layouts, both ortholinear and staggered.

No matter your typing preference, there is a Technik configuration that will exceed your needs and allow you to benefit from the decreased switch travel and lower typing angle Choc keyboards offer. You may choose between two PCBs (ortholinear or staggered) compatible with any of the universal Technik 40% cases. If you'd still like access to dedicated number buttons or additional macro keys, the accompanying Beiwagon may be added to any kit in any matching color (or contrasting color if that's your thing) and is available separately.

The Technik line's PCB (PCB-A) are a future-proof 40% PCB compatible with QMK. All of the product's SMT PCBs include addressable per-key RGB, bright underglow, and USB-C, while still being fully hotswap (Kailh Choc - PCB does not support solder-in).

Whether you want a light and compact travel keyboard or a refined implementation of your favorite layout, the Technik line and Beiwagon will ensure that you are satisfied each time you sit at your desk to work, or unpack your bag while on the move.

NOTE: The new plates that are listed in the Configurator for this product are designed to fit with the new iteration of the PCB. If you already have a Technik case but are purchasing a new PCB you will need to add-on one of the new plates to make it work with your case. Remember, PCBs do not come with plates, only cases come with plates by default.


  • RGB Per-key
  • RGB Under-glow
  • Choc hotswap


  • 40% ortho layout

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