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Introducing the Microdox by BoardSource: A Feature-Rich 36-Key Split Keyboard for Ultimate Typing Comfort and Customizability

Experience the perfect blend of ergonomic design, advanced features, and customization options with the Microdox keyboard. Designed with enthusiasts and professionals in mind, this compact split keyboard brings a new level of comfort and productivity to your typing experience.

Ergonomic Split Layout: The MicroDox features a unique split design that promotes a natural typing position, reducing strain on your wrists and hands. The split layout allows for better ergonomics, ensuring hours of comfortable typing without compromising on functionality.

Hotswap MX/LP Switches: With the Microdox, you have the freedom to choose your preferred typing feel. The keyboard comes equipped with a hotswap PCB, allowing you to easily swap out switches without soldering. Whether you prefer the smoothness of MX switches or the low-profile feel of LP switches, the Microdox accommodates your personal preference. (note only mx or choc hotswaps can be installed at a time)

Vibrant OLEDs: Stay informed and customize your keyboard with the vibrant OLED displays. The Microdox features OLED screens on each half, providing real-time feedback, or showcasing custom graphics. Effortlessly personalize your keyboard and make it truly your own.

Intuitive Encoders: Take control of your workflow with the integrated encoders. The Microdox includes programmable rotary encoders that can be customized to adjust volume, scroll through documents, switch applications, and more. Effortlessly navigate through your tasks and boost your productivity with these intuitive controls.

Per-Key RGB LEDs and Underglow LEDs: Immerse yourself in a visual spectacle with the per-key RGB LEDs and underglow lighting. Express your unique style by customizing each key's backlighting, creating stunning lighting effects, or syncing them with your favorite applications. The underglow LEDs add an extra touch of elegance, illuminating your desk with a captivating glow.

Built-In Buzzer: Experience auditory feedback with the built-in buzzer. Customize sound effects, or create your own unique tunes. The buzzer adds a new dimension to your typing experience, enhancing both functionality and enjoyment.

Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, the Microdox is built to last. The keyboard features a sturdy and durable construction, ensuring reliability even during intense typing sessions. The high-quality materials and craftsmanship guarantee a premium typing experience that stands the test of time.

Endless Customization: Unleash your creativity and tailor the Microdox to your exact preferences. With comprehensive software support, you can remap keys, program macros, create complex layers, and fine-tune every aspect of the keyboard to suit your workflow. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to build the perfect keyboard that matches your unique style and requirements.

Upgrade Your Typing Experience: Whether you're a programmer, writer, or simply an enthusiast seeking the best typing experience, the Microdox is the ultimate keyboard for you. Elevate your productivity, reduce strain, and unlock a new level of comfort with this feature-rich and customizable keyboard.


  • Per key RGB
  • Under glow RGB
  • Encoder
  • Oled
  • Buzzer


  • 3x5x3 split layout
  • Mx or Choc hot-swap

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