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Introducing the Uno, design by @Snipeye: the ultimate minimalist keyboard that challenges conventional usability. Crafted for enthusiasts deeply immersed in keyboard customization, Uno simplifies the experience to its bare essentials.

Product Highlights:

Simplicity Redefined: Featuring just a single key, Uno strips back everything unnecessary. Customizable: The single button can be replaced with a rotary encoder, adding a tactile twist to your input options. Connectivity and Compatibility: Equipped with an IR demodulator, Uno allows you to use a remote control to interact with your computer. It supports both USB-A and USB-C connections and runs on the RP2040 chip, ensuring speedy and efficient performance. User-Friendly: No soldering is required to assemble the Uno (unless you opt for the rotary encoder). It's designed for ease, requiring no prior technical knowledge — if you can use a USB flash drive, you can set up Uno. Portability: Lightweight and compact, Uno can even hang on your keychain, making it a perfect conversation starter about the quirky side of tech hobbies.


  • Single-button simplicity with optional rotary encoder
  • One RGB LED for customizable lighting
  • Runs KMK firmware for easy programming
  • Highly portable, perfect for demonstrations


  • Only has one key
  • Since the Uno requires no soldering, you will not be able to smell solder fumes during assembly.
  • Using a remote with your computer won’t solve deeper existential crises
  • May reinforce your image as a tech hobbyist to an extreme degree

Conclusion: Uno isn't just a keyboard; it's a statement. Whether you’re looking to dive deeper into the world of keyboard customization or simply want a unique tech accessory that sparks conversation, Uno is designed to intrigue, amuse, and inspire.


  • Ir receiver (press keys on your computer with any tv remote)
  • Hot-swap


  • No soldering required
  • Available as type C or Type A

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