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Introducing the Unicorne Ecosystem by Boardsouce: A Symphony of Design, Functionality, and Style

The comprehensive Unicorne ecosytem meticulously crafted by Boardsource includes the new Unicorne SMT PCB, the sleek and stylish aluminum Unicorne case, and the versatile Booster Packs. All of these prodcuts are designed to work in harmony to elevate your typing experience and provide the ultimate Split 40% typing experience.

We've created a video showcasing and explaining the Unicorne! Check it out

Note: You're viewing the MX version of the Unicorne, we also have a Low Profile Choc version you can view here.

Unicorne PCB: The Heart of Innovation

At the core of the Unicorne Ecosystem is the Unicorne PCB, a split keyboard PCB powerhouse, driven by the formidable RP2040 microcontroller and a generous 16MB of ROM. Its ergonomic split design, dynamic OLED display support, nice!view support, rotary encoder support, and joystick compatibility make it the perfect choice for enthusiasts, creators, programmers, and typist in general.

Sleek Aluminum Case: Elegance Meets Durability

Encase your Unicorne PCB in style with our stunning aluminum case, precision-engineered for a perfect fit. Not only does it accommodate the Unicorne PCB, but it also offers backward compatibility with Corne/CRKBD PCBs, ensuring versatility and longevity. Its robust construction promises durability while its sleek design adds a touch of elegance to your setup. Unicorne cases are compatible with our new tenting system called 'Booster Packs.'

Booster Packs: Elevate Your Experience

Take your keyboarding comfort to the next level with our Booster Packs. Designed to tent your Unicorne case to an optimal 10-degree angle, these packs ensure an ergonomic posture, reducing strain and enhancing your typing experience.

Key Features of the Unicorne Ecosystem:

  • Ergonomic Split Design: Enjoy comfort and customization with the Unicorne PCB’s split layout, ensuring a natural hand position for all-day use.

  • RP2040 Powerhouse: Immerse yourself in seamless performance and endless customization options, thanks to the RP2040 microcontroller and 16MB of ROM.

  • OLED, Rotary Encoder, and Joystick Integration: Enhance your interaction with dynamic display options and precise joystick or rotary encoder control.

  • Aluminum Case: Protect and stylize your setup with a durable and elegant case, compatible with both Unicorne and Corne/CRKBD PCBs.

  • Booster Packs: Achieve the perfect typing angle and reduce wrist strain with our easy-to-use tenting solution.

  • USB-C Connectivity, Backwards Compatibility, and More: Enjoy a seamless connection, easy transition from older models, and a world of other features that make the Unicorne Ecosystem a must-have.

Transform Your Typing Experience with the Unicorne Ecosystem

Ready to redefine what you expect from a split 40%? Choose the Unicorne Ecosystem by Boardsource and unlock a new dimension of comfort, customization, and style.


  • Joystick Compatibility
  • Breakaway Outer Column
  • RGB Per-Key and Underglow Lighting
  • Hot Swap
  • USB-C Split Connection
  • Piezo Buzzer


  • RP2040 MCU
  • 16MB Rom
  • Split 3x6x3 Corne / CRKBD Layout
  • Case Height: 13mm

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