Short USB C->C cable

Like trrs but better

Short USB C->C cable

1: Per Pack

Conquer Cable Chaos: Streamline Your Split Keyboard with the Perfect USB-C Connection

Ditch the tangle, embrace the flow.

Tired of tangled wires and awkward stretches connecting your split keyboard halves? Say goodbye to cable frustration and hello to seamless synergy with our ultra-short USB-C to USB-C cables, designed specifically for split keyboard freedom!

Choose your perfect fit:

  • Sleek White (10 inches): Ideal for wider keyboards, offering comfort without clutter.
  • Subtle Black (7 inches): Perfect for tighter setups, minimizing visibility and maximizing space.

Built for performance and peace of mind:

  • Fast data transfer speeds: Keep your keystrokes zipping along without lag.
  • Compact and lightweight: Tuck away or carry with ease for on-the-go productivity.

More than just a cable, it's a productivity upgrade:

  • Boost your typing efficiency: No more fighting long, unwieldy cables.
  • Enhance your desk aesthetics: Choose the color that complements your setup.
  • Unleash your split keyboard's potential: Enjoy freedom of movement and ergonomic benefits.

Invest in the perfect connection for your split keyboard journey. Order your ultra-short USB-C to USB-C cable today and experience the difference!


  • Ultra short USB C to C cables


  • Black is 7 inch long tip to tip

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