nice!nano v2.0

nice!nano v2.0

1: Per Pack

V2 Changes

  • Reduced quiescent (system idle) power by ~70%
  • Increased through-hole pad sizes to make soldering easier
  • Reduced battery pin size to avoid incorrect installation
  • Charge boost added to optionally increase charge rate from ~100mA to ~500mA
  • Miscellaneous changes to reduce GPIO failures, improve thermals, and reduce component failures

Please checkout out helper PCB to manage your battery if your keyboard does not do it for you.


The nice!nano is a wireless, BLE (Bluetooth) enabled replacement for the Pro Micro or Elite-C powered by the nRF52840 SoC. The nice!nano utilizes a LiPo battery allowing you to make your board completely wireless and has an on-board charging circuit, so simply plug in your keyboard to charge the battery, and use it wireless any other time you want.

Note: Includes square post headers for assembly. It is recommended to socket using Mill Max Low Profile Sockets.

Note: Due to the nature of this product, it cannot be included in assembly orders.

Note: Please remember, you will need to find space on your keyboard to put the battery. The stock header pins allow the battery to rest underneath the controller, but do remember that it is recommended these be socketed, so check your clearances depending on the socket you use (if you elect to use a socket).


For advanced users only! Know what you are getting into please -- this is NOT a drop-in replacement and is not 'plug and play.' You will likely have to do extensive setup and have programming knowledge in order to use this product and make your board Bluetooth. Boardsource does not guarantee a smooth implementation and we are not necessarily able to extensively help you get the nice!nano v1.0 working on your build. The nice!nano documentation can be found here.

Compared to existing wired solutions like the Pro Micro or Elite-C, the nice!nano v2.0 is still in development, and along with that comes a certain amount of hands-on setup, troubleshooting, and general knowledge that is required in order to successfully install. As a result, this product is not recommended for beginners and other microcontrollers should be chosen instead.

Due to running on 3.3v compared to the 5v that the Pro Micro and Elite-C supply, it is not recommended to install RGB LEDs or OLEDs as these account for considerable power-draw.



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