Ferris Sweep MX

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Ferris Sweep MX




Ferris Sweep Keyboard: the ultimate blend of ergonomic design and customizable functionality. Engineered for efficiency and comfort, this diode-less 34-key split keyboard features a unique columnar stagger layout tailored to enchance your typing experience.

The Ferris Sweep Keyboard supports hotswaps, allowing you to effortlessly switch between switches without soldering, ensuring seamless customization tailored to your preferences.

Whether you're a coding enthusiast, a writer seeking efficiency, or a professional navigating spreadsheets, the Ferris Sweep Keyboard empowers you to unleash your full potential with its ergonomic design and customizeable features.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic Design: Designed with your comfort in mind, the split layout reduces strain on your wrists and promotes a more natural typing posture, enhancing productivity and reducing fatigue during extended typing sessions.

  • Customizable MX Hotswaps: Tailor your typing experience with ease. Whether you prefer the tactile feedback of tactile switches, the smooth actuation of linear switches, or the audible click of clicky switches, the MX Hotswap compatibility offers endless customization possibilities to suit your typing style.

  • Diode-less Construction: Simplifying the build without sacrificing performance, the diode-less design ensures reliability and consistency without unnecessary complexity, resulting in a streamlined keyboard experience.

  • Columnar Stagger Layout: Optimized for ergonomic typing, the columnar stagger layout aligns keys to better match the natural curvature of your fingers, reducing finger travel distance and minimizing strain, ultimately enhancing typing speed and accuracy.

  • Compact 34-Key Layout: Maximize desk space without compromising functionality. The compact 34-key layout provides all essential keys within easy reach, ideal for minimalist setups or on-the-go productivity.

Upgrade your typing experience today with the Ferris Sweep Keyboard and discover a new level of comfort, efficiency, and personalization.


  • Deep Pinky Stagger


  • 5x3x2 Split Layout

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