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Enhance both the tactile sensation and auditory delight of your keyboard with our top-tier keyswitch lubricants. Lubricating your switches isn't just an upgrade—it's the essential step to infusing your keyboard with the coveted "thock" sound and transforming it into a truly remarkable product.

Introducing our premium offerings: TriboSys 3204 and Krytox 205g0, now conveniently packaged in 10g glass jars to cater to all your keyboard customization requirements.

Krytox 205g0 - Ideal for Linear Switches: Hailing from the esteemed Chemours, Krytox 205g0 elevates standard grade 2 grease into the perfect consistency for discerning keyboard enthusiasts. Tailored specifically for linear switches, its thin formulation ensures buttery smooth operation while preserving the vital tactile feedback essential to your typing experience. Each jar holds 10g of authentic Krytox 205g0, providing ample lubrication for your switches. With its non-flammable, high-temperature stable, and fluorinated polymer composition, Krytox 205g0 guarantees enduring performance with every keystroke.

TriboSys 3204 - Designed for Tactile Switches: Crafted by Miller Stephenson, TriboSys 3204 represents the pinnacle of lubrication for tactile switches. Engineered with a medium-thin consistency, it strikes the perfect balance between smoothness and tactility, enhancing your typing experience while maintaining the switch's crucial feedback. Packaged in 10g glass jars, TriboSys 3204 ensures easy access to this premium lubricant for optimal switch performance. Its non-silicone, non-flammable formulation and high-temperature stability ensure long-lasting results for your keyboard modifications.

Exceptional Performance, Effortless Application: Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to keyboard customization, our keyswitch lubricants offer unparalleled performance and ease of application. With clear instructions and ample quantities in each jar, achieving the perfect switch feel has never been simpler. Additionally, our glass jar packaging ensures the optimal preservation of the lubricants, maintaining their quality for future use.

Elevate your keyboard's performance with our premium keyswitch lubricants. Whether you prefer the silky smoothness of Krytox 205g0 or the tactile finesse of TriboSys 3203, our products promise to unlock the full potential of your mechanical keyboard. Order now and experience the difference firsthand!


  • Every lube comes with a brush for free
  • sold in 10g glass jars


  • Tribosys 3204 for tactile switches
  • Krytox 205g0 for linear switches

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