Equals 60 Kit

A diy 5x12 Ortho kit

Equals 60 Kit




Introducing the Equals DIY Kit: Craft Your Perfect Keyboard, Your Way!

Are you ready to embark on a keyboard-building adventure? The Equals DIY Kit empowers you to create the keyboard of your dreams, putting the power of customization right at your fingertips.

Build Your Dream Keyboard: With the Equals DIY Kit, you're the master of your keyboard destiny. This kit offers everything you need to assemble a personalized masterpiece that perfectly suits your typing style and aesthetics.

Hotswap Bliss for MX and Choc Switches: Experience ultimate flexibility with the Equals PCB, which supports both MX and Choc hotswap compatibility. Easily swap out switches without soldering, allowing you to explore different key-feelings effortlessly. Customize your typing experience with a wide range of switches and keycaps.

Vibrant RGB Lighting: The Equals PCB takes your keyboard to the next level with mesmerizing RGB per-key and underglow lighting. Illuminate your workspace with stunning visual effects, or create your own lighting profiles to match your mood and style.

Effortless Assembly: Don't worry if you're new to keyboard building; the Equals DIY Kit is designed with ease of assembly in mind. Our comprehensive instructions and user-friendly components ensure that even beginners can complete the build with confidence.

Endless Possibilities: The Equals DIY Kit encourages creativity and experimentation. Whether you're a programmer, a writer, or a gamer, you can tailor your keyboard to your specific needs. The power to optimize your typing experience is in your hands.

A Keyboard as Unique as You: Your keyboard is an extension of your personality, and the Equals DIY Kit allows you to express yourself fully. Design a keyboard that's as unique as you are and make a statement with your workspace.

Elevate your typing experience, unleash your creativity, and build a keyboard that reflects your style with the Equals DIY Kit. It's time to transform your workspace into a realm of endless possibilities and unparalleled satisfaction. Start your journey today!


  • Choc Or MX Hotswap
  • RGB Per-key LEDs
  • RGB Underglow LEDs


  • Compatible with SMT PCB

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