Equals 60

The 60% Ortho You've Been Looking For

Equals 60




Discover the Equals 60 Mechanical Ortholinear Keyboard: A Seamless Balance of Form and Function

Elevate your typing journey with the Equals 60 Ortholinear Keyboard, a masterpiece blending state-of-the-art technology and stunning design. This isn't just a mechanical keyboard; it's a purpose-built tool.

Why is it called Equals 60? Because it's a 5x12 Ortho board and 5*12 = 60 :) ... :)

Note: You're viewing the 5x12 60% version of Equals, we also have a 4x12 40% version you can view here.

Key Features:

Ergonomic Ortholinear Layout: Designed with meticulous attention, the Equals keyboard features a 5x12 ortholinear grid, aligning each key in an ergonomic. This innovative layout minimizes finger movement, boosts typing precision, and increases comfort and efficiency in typing.

Effortless Customization with Hotswap Switches: The keyboard's hotswap switch capability lets you personalize your typing experience with ease. Swap out switches on the fly – no soldering needed – to customize the feel and acoustic response of each keystroke.

Radiant Per-Key LEDs and Underglow: Dive into a world of color with individual RGB LEDs for each key. Personalize your workspace with a myriad of colors and effects. The additional underglow lighting adds an alluring ambiance to your desk, creating a mesmerizing visual experience.

Unmatched Performance with RP2040 Controller: The Equals SMT PCB is powered by the formidable RP2040 controller, ensuring swift and flawless performance. With 16 MB of ROM, it seamlessly handles profiles, macros, and updates, ensuring your keyboard always performs at its peak. Compatible with both QMK and KMK firmwares.

Exquisite Build Quality: Housed in a bespoke CNC aluminum case, the Equals keyboard is both elegant and robust. Its solid construction not only ensures longevity but also adds a refined aesthetic to your workspace.

Harmonious Acoustics: Equals case kits include FR4 plates and sound dampening foam, offering smooth and rich sound while typing. This duo significantly reduces noise while offering a plush, responsive typing experience.

Enhanced Auditory Feedback: The keyboard's integrated piezo buzzer enriches your typing with auditory feedback. Each keystroke can play a noise or you can program a 'startup' noise. This hackable speaker allows for further customization options.

Interactive Visual Information Display: Elevate your productivity with TFT and OLED screen support. Display vital information, alerts, or customized graphics directly on your keyboard. Stay focused and informed without diverting your gaze from your work. See the photo gallery for examples of how the Equals keyboard looks with these screens installed!

NOTE: There is only a single variant of Equals SMT PCB for 4x12 or 5x12 layouts, the only difference in SMT PCBs is whether they are MX or Choc. Each Equals SMT PCB is 5x12 by default and have a breakaway row to convert it to 4x12. In other words, the only decision you need to make with Equals SMT PCBs is MX or Choc, NOT 4x12 or 5x12.


  • Hotswap
  • RGB Per-Key LEDs
  • RGB Underglow
  • Piezo Buzzer
  • TFT and OLED Screen Compatible
  • Includes Plate Foam


  • 5x12 Ortho Layout
  • 2u or 2x 1u Spacebar Configuration
  • Case + Plate 200g
  • 237mm x 103mm x 14mm

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