Durock Daybreak

Silent Linear Switch

Durock Daybreak

10: Per Pack

Introducing the Daybreak JWK Durock Silent Linear Switches – Elevate Your Typing Experience to a New Level of Quiet Comfort!

Are you in search of the perfect switches to enhance your keyboard's performance and reduce noise? Look no further than the Daybreak JWK Durock Silent Linear Switches! Crafted with precision and designed for silence, these switches are the ideal choice for those seeking a quieter typing experience without compromising on quality.

Key Features:

  • Silent Linear Bliss: Daybreak JWK Durock Silent Linear Switches provide a whisper-quiet typing experience while maintaining the exceptional quality of Durock's linear switches. The inclusion of sound-dampening materials in the stem rails ensures that your keystrokes are gentle on the ears.

  • High-Quality Construction: Crafted with care, these switches feature premium materials, including a gold-plated metal leaf for impeccable performance and a gold-plated spring for consistent actuation. The top housing is made from durable polycarbonate, while the bottom housing is constructed from tough Nylon PA. The POM stem offers a smooth keystroke, and the silicon stem silencer further reduces noise.

  • Factory Pre-Lubed: Say goodbye to the hassle of lubrication. Daybreak JWK Durock Silent Linear Switches come pre-lubed, ensuring a smooth and friction-free keystroke right out of the box.

  • Two Unique Variants: Choose from two distinct variants to suit your typing preference. The "Daybreak" variant features a 67g bottom-out force and a stunning blue stem in a smokey clear housing. The "Dolphin" variant boasts a 62g bottom-out force with a blue stem housed in a crystal-clear casing.

Upgrade your keyboard with Daybreak JWK Durock Silent Linear Switches and transform your typing experience into a serene symphony of precision and quiet comfort. Perfect for sound-sensitive environments like offices and shared spaces, these switches offer the ideal balance between performance and discretion.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your keyboard. Order Daybreak JWK Durock Silent Linear Switches now and discover a new level of typing tranquility!

For a smoother, quieter typing experience, choose Daybreak JWK Durock Silent Linear Switches. Elevate your keyboard today!


  • Factory Pre-Lubed


  • 67g
  • Housing: Smokey Clear

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