An RP2040 Controller for the Keyboard Community


1: Per Pack

Introducing the Blok by Boardsource, an RP2040 (ARM) based controller built for the keyboard community.

Blok’s elevate any keyboard compatible with Pro Micro Footprints and grants them instant access to a modern and feature-rich ecosystem. Users who don’t want to touch a text editor or config file don’t have to, Blok’s work out of the box with Peg. Users can map keys, set LED colors, configure rotary encoders, create OLED images, and much more all from within an easy to use visual program (GUI). Many of Peg’s features and configuration options are unavailable through any other flashing program built for yesterday’s ATmega32U4 processors. Now, deep configuration and rich features custom keyboards offer can be configured easily instead of becoming another project. On the other hand, users who enjoy in-the-editor programming, product development, design, or any other roll your solution will similarly love the Blok. Shipping with KMK and CircuitPython out of the box, Blok’s offer enthusiasts and creators a modern development environment limited only by your imagination instead of programming knowledge and hardware constraints. Create your entire keymap in Python within a single file and test your changes instantly, no recompiling necessary. Remember, if this isn’t your thing — Peg can handle it for you.

Built on top of a powerful RP2040 ARM microprocessor and designed with the future in mind, Blok’s handle whatever you throw at them. Compared to older ATmega based controllers Blok’s have an incredible 100x the RAM, 8x the computing speed, 500x the ROM, are 32 bit instead of 8 bit, and are dual-core instead of single core. These are huge upgrades and allows for innovation and development within the custom keyboard space. Blok’s offer additional features and functionality compared to other RP2040 based controllers as well, such as OLED screen compatibility, innovative reset/boot switches accessible in any controller orientation, USB-C connectivity and a programmable RGB LED on-board.

Blok Feature Comparison

FeaturesBoardsource BlokOther RP2040 ControllersATmega34U4 Controllers
CPU Cores221
CPU Speed133MHz133MHz16MHz
Accessible Reset / BootYesNoNo
LEDPurple and RGBNo/Red/BlueBlue
Peg SupportYesYesNo
KMK SupportYesYesNo
QMK SupportYesYesYes
ZMK SupportYes*Yes*No
  • ZMK support is only unibody (not split) keyboards


  • RGB Status LED
  • USB-C Connectivity


  • 16mb
  • RP2040

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