Technikable is the first wireless PCB offered by Boardsource and is produced in collaboration with Pete Johanson, the creator of the popular ZMK firmware powering most of the hobbyist community's wireless technology. Compatible with the Technik line of cases, the Technikable PCB offers users who desire it a way to finally drop the cables, adding to the already sleek, unobtrusive and travel-friendly design of the Technik line.

Technikable is SMT assembled, offering users a completely solder-free experience out of the box, battery connection is done via JST ACH connector (lower profile than the commonly used JST PH connector) and is pre-soldered to both the PCB and battery leads. No soldering is required.

All Technikable PCBs include a compatible battery.

Similarities to the Technik PCB:

  • Fits and functions in all Technik cases
  • Hotswap

Differences Compared to the Technik PCB:

  • Outermost keys on the lowest row are removed to allow space for battery/wireless controller, copper fill is also removed from these areas
  • No under glow or per-key LEDs
  • Additional configuration options on the thumb cluster, allows users to configure between (2) 1U, (1) 2U, or (2) 2U (refer to layout diagram)
  • Cutout on topside of plate for the power switch

NEW v1.1 PCB Update:

  • On off switch has been changed to a soft on off button.


  • BLE
  • ZMK Firmware
  • 3 Bottom row options


  • 4x12 layout
  • Kailh choc keycaps and switch support
  • Hot-swap

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