OLED Screen-S

OLED Screen-S

OLED screens communicate with your microcontroller over I²C to display helpful or otherwise cool/interesting information. For keyboards that are compatible with the OLED displays, they are an awesome option to customize your keyboard and offer a unique high-tech look. By default, the screen will show the layer that is currently active, but you're able to customize the screen to display basically anything you want.

These are our new custom OLEDs! They are matte black in color and each have the male socket header pins pre-soldered onto them. Included in every antistation alongside each OLED purchased there are the female socket pins included. Each OLED purchased gives you the necessary items required to solder the OLED with no additional socket purchases. If for some reason you do not want to use the OLED socketed, it is no problem simply solder it onto the board as usual.


  • hotswap pin socket included
  • Supported in Peg, KMK and QMK


  • 32x128
  • I2c 4 pin
  • Black pcb

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