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MBK Legend Extras
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MBK Legend‡ is the first dye sub keycap set (PBT) for Choc switches. Inspired by classic keycap legend design, Legend‡ offers broad versatility for many of the low-profile switch boards available today. The typeface was chosen for its even-feeling letterform design and historical characteristics. Icons were designed to compliment the letterforms, referencing the line weight and proportions. The idea? Integrate the alphas and icon mods to create a set that will always look balanced in even the most exotic layouts or rotated thumb clusters.

The kits include three colorways: Black on White, White on Black, and Legend. For now all alphas and mods can be mixed and matched to preference and extra homing keys are included in all of our alpha kits to cover a wide variety of layouts (including Colemak, Dvorak, Workman, etc.), as well as 2 homing blanks for those rare souls that just need more. Hiragana alphas? Done.


  • PBT Dyesub


  • Ortho/ergo mod kit

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