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Cherry TKL set
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Introducing our ABS Double Shot Cherry Profile TKL Keycap Set - a premium accessory designed to enhance your mechanical keyboard experience. Crafted with precision and style, these high-quality keycaps offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Upgrade your typing setup with our durable and comfortable ABS keycaps, featuring a double shot molding process for long-lasting legends that won't fade. With a Cherry profile and ergonomic design, these keycaps provide a natural hand posture and improved typing speed. Perfect for TKL keyboards, this set includes a variety of keycaps to accommodate different layouts and customizations. Available in timeless colors, these sleek and smooth keycaps are compatible with most Cherry MX-style switches. Elevate your keyboard game with our ABS Double Shot Cherry Profile TKL Keycap Set and enjoy a stylish, comfortable, and personalized typing experience.


  • ABS long lasting
  • Double Shot


  • TKL compatibility

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