ZMK Overview

ZMK Overview

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What is ZMK Firmware?

ZMK Firmware is an open source (MIT) keyboard firmware built on the Zephyr™ Project Real Time Operating System (RTOS) . ZMK Firmware's goal is to provide a modern, wireless and powerful firmware free of licensing issues². Some of the features of ZMK Firmware are:

  • Wireless first: ZMK Firmware is designed for the future, including wireless support for keyboards and devices. You can use your keyboard or device with any computer or mobile device that supports Bluetooth HID. You can also use split keyboards wirelessly with Bluetooth .
  • Support for over 100 keyboards and devices: ZMK Firmware supports a wide range of keyboards and devices, from custom DIY projects to commercial products. You can browse the list of supported keyboards and devices on the ZMK website or on GitHub .
  • Fully programmable keymaps and macros: ZMK Firmware allows you to create and edit your keyboard configuration through C++. You can assign any function, action or combination of keys to any key on your keyboard or device. You can also use advanced features such as tap-dance, combos, one-shot keys, mouse keys, rotary encoder support and more to customize your keyboard or device to your liking .
  • User Repository Configuration with Pre-Setup GitHub Actions: ZMK Firmware offers a convenient way for users to configure and customize their keyboards through the User Repository feature. Additionally, ZMK Firmware provides pre-setup GitHub actions that automatically build the firmware for you. These actions eliminate the need for a local build environment, making it easier to get started with customizing and flashing your keyboard. By leveraging these pre-setup GitHub actions, you can streamline the firmware building process and ensure that your customizations are applied seamlessly. For more information on configuring the User Repository and utilizing the pre-setup GitHub actions in ZMK Firmware, please refer to the docs.

These are some of the features of ZMK Firmware. If you are interested in using ZMK Firmware for your keyboard or device, you can follow the getting started guide on the ZMK website or visit the ZMK website for more information.

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