KMK Overview

KMK Overview

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What is KMK Firmware?

KMK Firmware is an open source firmware for computer keyboards written and configured in CircuitPython . It is a community project that aims to provide a beginner-friendly and feature-rich firmware experience for any keyboard or input device. Some of the features of KMK Firmware are:

  • Easy configuration through a single Python file: KMK Firmware allows you to create and edit your keyboard configuration through a single Python file that lives on a "flash-drive"-esque space on your microcontroller. You can change your keymaps, layers, macros, RGB lighting and more without any programming knowledge or devtooling .
  • Support for over 100 keyboards and devices: KMK Firmware supports a wide range of keyboards and devices, from custom DIY projects to commercial products. You can browse the list of supported keyboards and devices on the KMK website or on GitHub .
  • Fully programmable keymaps and macros: KMK Firmware allows you to assign any function, action or combination of keys to any key on your keyboard or device. You can also use advanced features such as tap-dance, combos, one-shot keys, mouse keys, rotary encoder support and more to customize your keyboard or device to your liking .
  • RGB lighting and audio support: KMK Firmware supports RGB lighting and audio features for your keyboard or device. You can control the color, brightness, animation and pattern of your RGB LEDs, as well as play sounds and music through your speakers or buzzer. You can also use RGB lighting and audio to provide feedback and indicators for your keyboard or device .
  • USB and Bluetooth connectivity: KMK Firmware supports both USB and Bluetooth connectivity for your keyboard or device. You can use your keyboard or device with any computer or mobile device that supports USB HID or Bluetooth HID. You can also use split keyboards wirelessly with Bluetooth .

These are some of the features of KMK Firmware. If you are interested in using KMK Firmware for your keyboard or device, you can follow the getting started guide on GitHub³ or visit the KMK website for more information.

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