Lulu FAQ

Lulu FAQ

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Hello, welcome to the FAQ for the lulu below we are going to go over some common questions and give you some helpful links. We will be adding to this as time goes on.

IMPORTANT: When using a split keyboard, it is extremely important that you plug in the halves and then the board to your computer in the correct order. This is the correct order to follow:

Plugging In the Board: First connect the halves via TRRS, then plug the board into your computer via USB.

Unplugging The Board: Disconnect the board from your computer, then unplug the halves TRRS connection.


Quick Links

Q: How do I build my lulu?

A: We have a build guide here, please follow it in it's entirety.

Q: How do I flash this?

A: The lulu is intended to be flashed using Peg(KMK). The Peg map comes pre-flashed on the keyboard. If you do not want to use Peg or KMK, QMK is tested and working and we have a guide on flashing available here.

Q: Was I supposed to get a Peg pro plan with my lulu?

A: Yes if you bought a Lulu you get Peg pro for free. If you have a Boardsource account check your my account page to see if "Peg: True" and if not please open a ticket with your account and your order number for us to add it. If you bought using a proxy please make a Boardsource account and then fill out this form.

Q: I have a question about Peg.

A: Check the Peg client FAQ

Q: Why is my PCB box open and the anti static bag opened?

A: We had to perform a software fix on a number of PCBs, this required us to open them ALL, so all PCB boxes are opened and unsealed, very sorry.

Q: I ordered only one TRRS cable but got two in the box, why?

A: The silver coiled TRRS cable can have voltage drop, this will not damage your board in anyway, but can cause the LEDs to look different between the halves depending on the color and power level you have them set to. This will not be visibly apparent to all customers, and some will never experience any issue. However, since some customers may notice a difference, we also included a black TRRS cable without the steel spring coil that has very little voltage drop so customer's may also use that with their lulu :).

Q: My board gets warm, is this normal?

A: Yes, the board does get warm because of the amount of LEDs. It is not a design failure or issue with the board itself, it is just a lot of LEDs in a small space. We have updated the default map to address this and lower the maximum brightness of the PCBs. Enter our Discord and check the pinned messages in the #lulu channel to find a new default map that will lower the maximum power level for the LEDs. This will help with power consumption and temperature. This issue will not be present for all customers, it depends on the amount of LEDs you have enabled, and also is somewhat dependent on the color you have them set to.