Reviung34 Build Guide

Reviung34 Build Guide

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This guide is for Reviung34 PCBs.



SMT Diodes33-34
Pro micro stlye or similar microcontrollerBlok
Reset Switch1
MX Hotswap Sockets33-34
MX Switches33-34
MX Keycaps33-34


WS2812B LED8




Orientation: Black bar facing downwards or towards the footprint indicator.

  1. Solder one pad. one pad - diode
  2. While holding diode with tweezers, reflow solder and place diode down on pad. diode placed
  3. Solder other pad. diode complete
  • Note, when working with MELF package diodes, you may need to reflow and add more solder a couple times before an adequate connection is made.


Orientation: Notched corner/pin facing the pad marked with rectangle. This applies for both SK6812 Mini-E & WS2812B LEDs. sk6812 mini e
orientation ws2812b orientation

  • Notes: \ - This component is heat sensitive. Be cautious and work at a safe temp (~300c). \ - It is wise to test the LEDs as you solder then. Consider soldering your controllers beforehand. \ - The LED order is somewhat outlined LED order and should be followed in order when building.
  1. Solder one pad. (it may be easier to solder all 4 pads before placing LED down when installing WS2812B LEDs) sk6812 mini e one pad ws2812b 4 pads
  2. While holding LED with tweezers, reflow solder and place LED down on pad. sk6812 mini e placed ws2812b
  3. Solder remaining pads. sk6812 mini e complete

Hotswap sockets

  1. Solder one pad. Hot swap socket foot print
  2. While holding hotswap socket (fingers are fine), reflow solder and place socket down on pad. Hot swap socket one pin
  3. Solder other pad. Hot swap socket
  • Note, don't hesitate to use a little extra solder, as that will help secure the socket and prevent it from being ripped off.


Orientation: Both microcontrollers CONTROLLERPLACEMENT.

  • Note, it is recommended to flash each microcontroller prior to soldering. See firmware section for more.
  1. Insert headers from front, solder in from the back. headers
  2. Place microcontroller CONTROLLERPLACEMENT. microcontroller
  3. Apply solder to all pins.
  4. Use flush cutters or similar to trim excess from pins on each side. microcontroller finished

Reset switches

  1. Solder one pad. reset switch placed
  2. While holding switch with tweezers, reflow solder and place switch down on pad.
  3. Solder remaining pads. reset switch



In qmk this keyboard can be found under reviung/reviung34. To begin, follow the QMK setup guide. (if working from an existing installation, an update may be needed.) \ For flashing instructions, see doc or video


In Peg or KMK this keyboard can be found under reviung/reviung34

Peg can be downloaded here, and the quick start can be seen here.

For Kmk can be downloaded here and the quick start can be seen here

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