Battery Helper Guide

Battery Helper Guide

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Battery Helper PCB1
BLE Controller1
power Switch1

The Battery Helper is really quite simple and is just a small pcb that gets soldered to the back of your BLE controller in-place of the battery. and adds a power switch that sits right on top of the USB Port.

Assembling the Battery Helper

The Soldering on the Battery Helper is quite simple. All you need to do to put it together is solder the SMD slide switch onto the PCB.

side switch soldered

Next solder in the battery

battery soldered

Next solder onto the BLE Controller

solder diode legs into the Battery Helper PCB.

Diode Legs

Then solder the BLE Controller onto the Battery Helper PCB.

BLE Controller soldered


From there you can treat your controller as normal but the battery is taken care of. This is not always needed and its better to use the switch placement on your pcb if it supports that. If not this is a wonderful option to have.

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